A Message from the President – 03 December, 2008

eventskarate 04 dicembre 2008

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“Dear Affiliated Members“

Mr.Carlo Bruno Henke take possession of the WUKO Name and Mark, registering it in his own name, now he is calling himself as “WUKO PRESIDENT”.

Who elected him? For sure anyone did it.

Mr. Henke can be the owner of the WUKO Mark, but he isn’t the king or landlord of our WORLD ENTITY, he can’t be the owner of our Heart, Mind, Will, Intelligence and Spirit.

Our Entity is over of all his willing of dominate and possess.

“This weekend the Executive Committee WUKO will meet in Romania, on next week you will have our Official Position about it.”

You have trusted our Executive Committee Elected Democratic till now, please continue doing it, I do promise to all that you will not be disappointed. In Odessa at our Congress our General Secretary, Mr. Liviu Crisan, Professor at University in Cluj Napoca, specialist in Quality Management will present you the new strategy of development of our organization.

“Together we can do the Best Karate in whole of the World“

Executive Committee WUKO:

Henrique Manuel Silva – Vice President – henriquelaranjo@gmail.com
Angel M. Duato – Vice President – duato_feuam@terra.es
Liviu Crisan – Vice President – liviucrisan@yahoo.com


Osvaldo Messias de Oliveira
President WUKF