2-3   June  2012

Odessa, Ukraine

The organizer

Sports club “Tigrenok”


Odessa, the Sports centre of Polytechnical University, 11,

Shampanskiy str.


National teams of the countries, regions, sports clubs. Age of participants from 2 to 13 years.


+38 048 775-31-21;

+38 048 785-19-88;


2, 3, 4, 5 years – blows on the purposes for the speed (boys and girls separately)

6, 7 years – каtа, кumite, the Phantom (boys and girls separately)

8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 years – каtа and кumite (boys and girls separately)


(Boys and girls separately)

Каtа: under 9 years (6-9 years), 10-13 years

Кumite: 6-7 years (3+1), 8-9 years (3+1), 10-11 years (3+1), 12-13 years (3+1)



Кumite:Rules WKF and the Phantom (for age 6, 7 years) (http://


Каtа:In a category of age till 9 years in all circles probably to execute only following ката:

– Tajkyoku, Hejan, Pinan, Gekisaj. Ката probably to repeat.

In categories of work of 10-11 years base каtа: Tajkyoku, Hejan, Pinan, Gekisaj, without repetition in circles.

In a category of 12 years (male) to a semi-final sportsmen can execute only basic каtа: Tajkyoku, Hejan, Pinan, Gekisaj, without repetition in circles. In a semi-final, the termination, and also a duel for the third place, sportsmen are obliged to execute Shitej каtа.

In categories of 12-13 years (female) of 13 years (male) of competition are spent according to rules WKF.

Sportsmen can operate only in an age category!


On (Saturday) on 2nd of June – all personal categories

On (Sunday) on 3rd of June – Team kata and Team kumite

The beginning of competitions at 10.00


Club “Tigrenok”: Stepovaya str,44

1 June 10.00 – 18.00

Forward orderings for participation and residing will be accepted till May, 25th 2012.

Registration payments

For children till 5 years – 15 euro

For children of 6-13 years – 25 euro

Registration payment includes participation in all kinds of the program of age (including team kinds)


All participants are awarded by  prizes, 1 place – a cup, a medal, diploma; 2 and 3 place – a medal and diploma. To a Team – to the winner on the medal table will give a cup “Tigrenok”.


Residing to confirm till May, 25th 2012!



VІ The International Cup «TIGRENOK»

On June, 2nd, Saturday


Categories 6, 7 years male and female

10.00 – Opening Ceremony

10.10 – Kаtа, the Phantom

11.30 – Rewarding, official photographing of participants

Categories 8, 9 years, male and female

12.00 – Opening ceremony

12.10 – Kаtа, кumite

13.30 –Rewarding, official photographing of participants

Categories 10, 11 years, male and female

14.00 – Opening ceremony

14.10 – Kаtа, кumite

16.15 –Rewarding, official photographing of participants

Categories 12, 13 years, male and female

16.30 – Opening ceremony

16.40 – Kаtа, кumite

18.30 –Rewarding, official photographing of participants



On June, 3, Sunday


9.00 – Team kata 6-9, 10-13 years (males, females)

2, 3, 4, 5 years old


   9.50 – Opening Ceremony

10.00 – 2, 3, 4, 5лет(blows on the purposes for the speed)

10.45 –Rewarding, official photographing of participants

Team  kumite


11.00 – Team kumite (6 – 7, 8 – 9 years old)

12.00 – the general physical preparation

13.00 – Team kumite 10-11,12-13 years old.

15.00 – Closing ceremony


Dear  Karate Friends!

          I have an honor to invite you and your Team to take part in VI International tournament on a karate “Tigrenok” for children till 13 years. This tournament  take place in 1995 – 1998 and 2011.

          The sports karate for children has begun with tournament “Tigrenok” in Ukraine.

          For participation competitions one general registration payment which gives chance to the sportsman to participate in all kinds is accepted: каtа, кumite  and in a Team каtа and кumite. Various children’s competitions will be held. Besides, special prizes for sportsmen who will be winners both in каtа, and in кumite. All participants will receive unforgettable prizes.

        This tournament is opened for all Federations, the Organizations and styles. We invite also the judges having the license of a national and international category.

         Before tournament in May, 30,31th, and on June, 1st we invite you to take part in a sports educational seminar which will take place in Odessa on the basis of the Odessa Palace of sports meets by means of the winner of World Games 2009 George Tzanos (Greece).

 We guarantee that VI International tournament “Tigrenok” on a karate will be the big holiday of children’s sports .


Sincerely yours,

The president of club “Tigrenok” Negaturov A.V.