Karate seminar and tests 

30.6.  –  7.  7.  2012  in Bohemian Paradise – Lake Jinolice

duering Summer karate school of Kamikaze club.


We have the pleasure to invite you to stay and practice with us

in autocamping EDEN,  by Jinolice, Prachov Mountains, near Jičín City.


Trainers: please come on Friday, participants on Saturday 30. 6. 2012.


Accommodations:  Bring your own tents and sleeping bags

                                  or try to reserve a bungalow : tel. 00420 493 591 930


What you need :Individual toiletries, spending money, personal documents, tent,

sleeping bag, blankets, swimsuit, karate uniform, sneakers, etc.

Available on the camp grounds are:  toilets, hot water, electricity, phone,

ping pong, volley-ball, football, basketball and mini-golf courts.


Trainings :  –  Dr. med. Karel Jedlička 5. Dan and Kamikaze team,

¨                     + visiting coaches from all over the republic,

                         who will join the staff of  our Dan team.


V.I.P. guests :   Dr.Václav Kubát 5. Dan Aikido,

                          Zdeněk Sekret 4. Dan Karatedo

                          Vladimír HOTOVEC 3. Dan Kendo

                          Firas Oukde 1. Dan Karatedo,and many others


Program :Five daily open-air trainings according to level and proficiency;

preparation for Kyu – Dan examinations.


Additional activities include :swimming, ball games, evening campfire with guitars,

walks by the lake and billiards.   Group trip to scenic Prachov Mountain is scheduled-

weather permitting.  Finally, festive Kyu – Dan  examinations conducted.


Charges : 50 Euro or 1200.- CZK,

not training friends and family charged a small fee of  200 CZK / men,

siblings are eligible for a 25 % discount.


This charge does not include :


          1 ) Tests fee ( usual )

          2 ) Food :It is possible to buy complete meals in the camp dining room or restaurant.

                          On the camp grounds you will find many fast-food and snack possibilities.

          3 ) Accomodations :


Important notice :For guests of the autocamp participation in the program is voluntary.

Every participant is a private individual, responsible for his or her own behavior.

The organization is only reponsible for the sports program.


We hope to see you soon,


                                               Karel Jedlicka 

                                               and the coaching team of  Kamikaze