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Dear Friends in Karate,

 The International Karate Union (IKU) wasfounded by some of the mostrespectedpeople with a great karate history and associations of variouscountrieson 19 January 2013, and promotesallsectors: TRADITIONAL KARATE, SPORT KARATE and CONTACT KARATE.

 IKU offers a new way for karate with a desire to bringtogetherallmembers and itwillacceptonlyonefederation or association per country. Wehavenow more than30countries.

 Aims and Objectives: The IKU is an organization with non-political, non-profit, trulydemocratic and transparent to the service of the nationalfederationsmembers and especiallybased on truevalues: education, respect and greatfriendship.Wewilldemonstrate with ourdeedsthatthisispossible, by building a new directionfor karate!


Membershipcriteria: Any non-profit and non-political National Karate federations or associations/groupsmay be members of the IKU. However, they must havelegal status, a democraticstructure and comply with the aims and objectives of the IKU.In order to be recognizedas an OfficialMember a nationalfederation must be Multistyle (be open to allstyles), unless the country is small in size and population or itshistory in karate hasdevelopedonlyone style.

 Ifyou are interested in becoming a member of IKU (ifnotalreadyrepresentedyour country) write to:


I remindyouthat:

–   28 to 31May, in Santarem (Portugal), willholdour 1st EuropeanChampionship for Seniors and Veterans and European Games for Childrens and Cadets;

–   12 to 14june, in Trieste (Italy), willhold the 1st World Open Championship of Contact Karate;

–   5 to 8november, in Maribor (Slovenija), willhold the 2nd World Championship for Cadet and Juniors and World Games for Childrens.

 Please, for anyclarificationscontactus

 Thankyouand best regards.

 IKU General Secretary –