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February 2, 2015 


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Ray Hughes




Dear Sensei,

instructors, competitors, and parents;

1. Competitor Skill Level Change
2. Apology
3. Banquet Pictures
4. PKF/WKF Referees
5. AZ Competition Team Jackets    

1. Competitor Skill level Change

We have changed our competitor skill level description to match the USA Karate national competitions. We are using the following skill level determination:

Beginner       – Less than one year
Novice          – One to two years
Intermediate – Two to four years
Advanced     –  Over four years

The USA Karate rule book does not reflect these changes as of yet. But I have been told it will happen shortly.

2. Apology

I want to apology for my school name coming up on the banquet receipts and donations made by participants. All funds from banquet purchases and donations went to USA Karate Arizona. It was a clerical error in the website set-up.

All of us here at USA Karate Arizona work hard to eliminate any perception of individual or school promotion. I have discussed (beat) the appropriate person for this error. Sometimes non-verbal communication is necessary. 🙂

Never hesitate to point out anything that may look inappropriate
or out of order. We strive for perfection and expect nothing less!!!

3. Banquet picture

The professional pictures of individual award winners are available for purchase to those who are interested. Please see below for more details.

4. PKF/WKF  -International Referees

We are excited to announce that our advanced divisions will be judged by International Pan American Federation and World Karate Federation Referees.

These great people are paying their own expenses to come and help us in Arizona. We are simply covering their room expenses. 

USA Karate is comprised of great people who care about quality and supporting of its members.

Please receive these people well. I will announce who they are at the beginning of the tournament.

5. Arizona Competition Team Jacket

As many of you now know we have a competition team jacket program for those competitors who compete at the national level.
Please see below for details on this outstanding program.




Ray Hughes  


USA Karate Arizona ASO  


Scottsdale Martial Arts Center, IncUSANKF


Sensei; please forward this newsletter to your students. It would be most appreciated. Domo Arigato Gozaimashita!