Dear colleagues and martial arts friends

I invite you to  

International Budo – martial arts events 2012 

In Copenhagen Denmark

For all belts, ages (Children, Cadet, Senior, Veteran +35)
Open to all styles, clubs, organization, federations

International Martial arts Conference 2012 (Agenda of conference will be send after registration) 

Friday 19 Oct
International referee seminar & meeting (theory and practical)
Open for all styles, clubs

Saturday 20 Oct start at 9.15am

International Open karate & kobudo Championship 2012

1. Kata – (traditional & sport karate)

2. Kata kobudo – weapon form (open to all styles)

3. Kumite shobu – sport karate

Sunday 21 Oct start at 9.15am
International budo Sport & martial arts sport championship 2012
1. Kata Kobudo – weapon form
2. kumite shobu Ippon – traditional karate
3. Contest – kumite sougobudo (for all standing styles)
(this way every one can chose as they like to participate)

International Budo Gala

Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 Oct in Copenhagen
Open for every styles, registration needed

Very important:

All information will be online on sportdate

Registration will be online system for all classes very soon
This way you will register your team with all information in
We will update you by email soon

I hope hear from you and see you all here in Copenhagen

Thank you

F. Dariagard
President of International Budo – martial arts events 2012